Home Buyers Reports

The RICS Home Buyer’s Report (“HBR”) is most suited to flats and modern properties.

It is a less detailed property inspection than a Building Survey, presented in a pro-forma style; however, all aspects of a building that are readily and safely accessible, visible from ground or upper floor levels and which can be examined without risk of causing damage to the property (or to the surveyor!) are looked at.

The HBR provides a concise report giving advice on repairs needed, further specialist reports required and incorporates a valuation.

In summary, the HBR provides a snapshot of the general condition of the property and major matters affecting its present value or resale in the future. The report focuses on matters that may be urgent or which should be considered in negotiating a purchase price. At the beginning of the report it gives a clear indication with a Traffic light System of Red, Amber and Green coding for each element of the Building.

Timescales: 3 – 5 days.

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