Building Surveys

A building survey is most suited to large properties, old buildings and properties in disrepair.

It will provide a detailed report on the condition of the property, setting out structural and other defects in detail and providing a summary with recommendations. It does not normally include a valuation.

All aspects of the building fabric will be discussed in the report - floors, walls and ceilings from top to bottom, both internally and externally. We will be paying particular attention to signs of settlement, damp or timber decay. We will advise you of our opinion on the state of repair and condition of roof coverings, gutters and downpipes, and the condition of doors or windows which may be approaching the end of their useful life. We will not only advise on the present condition of the building but also we will tell you about items that might need attention in the foreseeable future, and the immediate repairs that will be needed. The report will normally not contain estimate of the costs, in order to keep fees down but, these can be provided if required at an additional cost. This can be discussed with the surveyor prior to his inspection. As a part of the service any particular items of concern can be addressed and further advice given.

The report will comment upon the visual condition of service installations, although no separate tests will be carried out.

Timescale: 4 – 7 days..

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