Quality Statement

Castles Surveyors has established and implemented a quality management system, which it maintains and continually strives to improve.  This system covers the company’s activities of residential  valuations and surveys, Home Buyers Reports, Building Surveys and other related work. 

Castles Surveyors has identified all processes needed for the system and their application throughout the company, determined how these processes interact and their sequence, the methods and criteria needed to ensure their effective control and the necessary information and resources needed to support and monitor the activities.

Castles Surveyors monitors these processes and takes any action needed to achieve both planned output and continual improvement.

As a team we are committed to meeting requirements and to the continued improvement of the company.  The commitment is achieved through the implementation of our quality management system which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

This is evidenced by documented processes, objectives, targets and results; it is maintained by audits, an annual management review, and independent audits by recognised bodies.

Quality objectives and targets are set either as a result of the management review or actions arising from this policy.  All quality objectives and targets are documented and reviewed.

Our processes ensure compliance with all requirements to which the company subscribes.  It is a mandatory condition of employment that all employees follow the appropriate procedures at all times.  Any neglect of this condition will be treated seriously and could lead to disciplinary measures being taken.

The development, training and awareness of our personnel are key to the understanding, implementation and maintenance of the system.

The ultimate responsibility for the quality management system is that of Mr D Summers, the Quality Director, who undertakes to ensure that all staff are kept fully informed of any changes to the system.

This policy has been defined by the Quality Director and has been circulated and communicated to all members of personnel.  It is available for viewing at all times.